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What does the cost of SEO depends on?

Prices for SEO in each case are formed individually. Above are the starting rates for an estimated cost. The price is influenced by a large number of factors, the main of which are:

  • Competition level. The more competitors, both direct (commercial sites) and indirect (aggregators, message boards and etc.), the higher is the cost for SEO-services;
  • Region. Search engine optimization in Miami and other highly competitive regions costs much more expensive than in regional and small towns. Multi-regional promotion raises the cost accordingly;
  • Technical optimization level. The absence of errors, compliance with the technical requirements of search engines, the availability of the necessary SEO-functionality on the site significantly reduces the cost and accelerates the search optimization process;
  • Site age. The older site is the easier is to bring it to the high positions. The threshold is 1 year;
  • Domain name history. If search engine sanctions have never been imposed on the site with the current domain name, there will be no problems with promotion to TOP-10 search results, but if there were search engine filters, this complicates and increases the cost of the process;
  • The number of semantic groups.Each group of search queries requires the separate page for it, for each of which it is necessary to create unique content, mine external link mass, carry out internal optimization, which entails some costs.

We have experience in creating and promoting sites in the following topics:

Создания и продвижение сайтов в тематике строительство и ремонт

Building and renovation:

  • apartment renovation;
  • metal tiles and roofing materials;
  • ventilated facades;
  • fences and barriers;
  • building materials;
  • fasteners;
  • boilers;
  • conditioners;
  • window repair;
  • septic tanks;
  • electric installation work.
Создания и продвижение сайтов в общих тематиках


  • forged products;
  • vegetation for the site;
  • interior design;
  • finance;
  • medical services;
  • tourism;
  • sanatoriums.
Создания и продвижение сайтов в тематике промышленность


  • construction of boiler houses;
  • air conditioning systems;
  • machine tools and processing equipment;
  • gas meters;
  • production of building materials;
  • production of products for waste processing.
Создания и продвижение сайтов в тематике мебель


  • furniture for home and office;
  • custom-made furniture;
  • furniture fittings.
Создания и продвижение сайтов в тематике административные ресурсы

Administrative resources:

  • websites of regional and city executive committees;
  • chambers of commerce;
  • environmental agencies.

Do you need SEO?

Когда подходит SEO продвижение

When is SEO suitable?

  • Business niches which has formed search demand;

  • A business that needs applications from the Internet;

  • Online stores with a wide range of products;

  • Services sites with a paged catalog (furniture, stretch ceilings, repairs, etc.);

  • Sites with multi-regionality;

  • Business with development plans in the long term;

  • A business that needs to reduce customer attraction costs.

Когда не подходит SEO продвижение

When is not SEO suitable?

  • If you are not ready to listen to the opinion of experts and make the necessary changes to the site;

  • You have a low-margin product (for example, stockings, socks, etc.) and the sales volume will not allow you to recover your SEO costs;

  • Your business works offline. The site does not have a full-fledged catalog, application forms, contact information and other capture triggers;

  • If the result is needed yesterday. SEO is a process that takes a certain amount of time and it needs to wait for the result from 1 to 6 months.

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Basic components of SEO optimization

  1. Construction of semantic core. Construction and clustering of a string of most relevant users’ searches that may generate the highest number of conversions.
  2. A thorough website audit. Identification and elimination of website’s technical and structural errors hindering its raise to the search engines’ TOP.
  3. Marketing research. A detailed analysis of competitive environment, identification of needs of a target audience needs and understanding its profile, refinement of the page structure.
  4. Relevant content creation. Writing a high-quality SEO-articles with a professional feeding adapted to the website’s target audience, development and implementation of a thematic infographics and video materials.
  5. Inner optimization. Elimination of errors and problems identified during the audit, adaptation of internal and technical factors of the site as well as adaptation of content created to match the requirements of search engines.
  6. Outer optimization. Activities to attract the mass of external links to the website, creation and management of the company’s positive image through a third-party resources and social networks.
  7. Analysis of website’s operation and implementation of innovations. Constant monitoring of the website’s correct operation, analysis of the actions taken, identification of errors, making necessary corrections and improvements (on client’s approval).

What traffic channels do we use in conjunction with SEO?

Настройка контекстной рекламы


Setting up and controlling ads on Google search results, as well as in the contextual targeting network.

Продвижение в социальных сетях

Social networks

Creation and promotion of social groups (filling with content, "pushing" subscribers). We work with: Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest.

Настройка Email-маркетинга


We prepare sales letters with unique selling proposition and set up highly effective (minimum hits in spam) automatic mailing from our own server.

Крауд-маркетинг и RTB


Placement of links and purchase of advertising banners on third-party thematic services to ensure the flow of an interested target audience.

Рассылками по каналам и сообществам в мессенджерах


Working with mailing lists for messenger channels and communities. Interacting with the target audience through chat bots. We work with: WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Facebook Messenger.

What is included in SEO-worklist?

One time:

  1. Detailed marketing analysis and business-niche research;
  2. Building the semantic core;
  3. SEO-strategy development;
  4. Backing up site files and databases;
  5. Development of the page-structure of the site;
  6. Setting up sitemap.xml, robots.txt, .htaccess;
  7. Elimination of technical problems (broken links and pages, extra 301 redirects, generated dynamic pages, etc.);
  8. Checking the site for security and viruses;
  9. Checking the site for search engine sanctions;
  10. Competitors list compilation and leading analysis of them;
  11. Formation a content plan;
  12. Configuring URL-addresses;
  13. Cleaning code from unnecessary garbage;
  14. Connecting analytics services;
  15. Setting conversions and utm-tags;
  16. Checking and bringing the site loading speed to normal;
  17. Registration in Google My Business;
  18. Adding and OpenGraph micromarkup to the site;
  19. Setting up AMP pages to increase loading speed on mobile devices;


  1. Filling the metadata (title, description, keywords);
  2. Setting up internal linking;
  3. Control for viruses and malware;
  4. Content writing and optimization (articles, infographics);
  5. Expansion of the semantic core;
  6. Expansion of site page-structure;
  7. Web analytics and work to improve statistics on behavioral factors;
  8. Visual changes and functional improvements (within reasonable limits);
  9. Work on snippets (increasing click-through rate);
  10. Adding commercial factors (addresses, phone numbers, maps, registration data, etc.);
  11. Elimination of emerging technical errors and control of messages in the panels of webmasters tools;
  12. Control and optimization of site working speed;
  13. Mining of "white" link mass, crowd-marketing;
  14. Monitoring of search results positions and dynamics of traffic growth;
  15. Maintaining and providing reports;
  16. Consulting the client on a regular basis.

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The site doesn’t bring applications? Find out why / Check it for errors.

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Get an up to 90 $ refund for an ad

Our overall experience in this field exceeds 10 years

Get a Free SEO Audit

Our Clients Get Results

Get an up to 90 $ refund for an ad

Get Started with iNTERNETSOZDATELi Today!

Get a Free SEO Audit

Our overall experience in this field exceeds 10 years


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Submit an application and our specialist will get in touch

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